About Justin...

Justin Curtis Adams is a worship artist who has served as a worship pastor for the past 15 years. He has lead at a variety of fellowships where the music ranges from gospel to rock. He earned a Bachelor in Music with an emphasis in Vocal Performance from Colorado State University. After College he began singing professionally in Opera and Music Theater, while leading worship at his church in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Fulfilling his passion for teaching, he also began giving voice lessons in 2001. As God began to make clear that his training was to be used in full-time ministry, Justin took his first position as worship pastor at a church in Denver, Colorado. While still teaching voice, Justin started his own vocal studio, and has taught for several conferences and been an instructor for accredited music institutions. Keeping extra busy he takes opportunities to travel and sing at other fellowships, holiday functions and sporting events. Justin also has a big heart for the community of worship. Justin has been married for 11 years to his wife, Tracy and have a 9 year old son, Kenny. After living in North Texas for the last 1.5 years they are back in Colorado and now live in Castle Rock as Justin recently took the position of worship pastor at Mission Hills Church in Littleton CO.

After being a worship pastor for so many years, Justin knows first hand the struggle of full time ministry. His heart is for the heart of the worshiper, but even more so the heart of the worship leader. In 2016 the ministry of "Give Me a Break" was laid upon Justin's heart to serve the church in a new way. Justin now travels to churches where worship leaders need time off (vacation, burn out, emergency, sabbatical, etc.) to fill in for them. He comes in, works with the team, and leads services to allow the worship pastor/leader to have a break knowing things are taken care of why they are away. Justin's heart is to make relationships with churches, not to be a 'touring artist'. He prefers to be someone the church can look to for help so that worship leaders can be intentional about taking much needed (and deserved) breaks. Know someone who needs a break? Contact Justin here.

Give me a break!