"Justin not only knows his music but is a gifted teacher as well. He genuinely wanted to improve my abilities while catering to my specific learning needs. He doesn't just teach you how to have proper technique, but teaches you why. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, Justin will constantly reveal your potential, every lesson."                                                                                                                              

-Travis Hendershott


With over 14 years of teaching experience Justin's vocal studio quickly grew to a full music studio offering vocal lessons as well as basic acoustic guitar and theory based piano. Justin has taught lessons at several conferences, special events and for music schools as well. Though Justin is classically trained, he works in the contemporary music industry and is versatile in teaching styles.

Justin teaches lessons at in his home studio, at Calvary Worship Center, and in some cases can drive to meet you at your location.



Half Hour Lesson - $30/hour

Full Hour Lesson - $50/hour

*Lesson times and rates are somewhat flexible to fit a busy schedule.

Before meeting with Justin I had been singing for 5 years without voice lessons. In our very first lesson he taught me the anatomy of the voice, the delicacy of vocal chords, and the importance of maintaining healthy vocal habits. Justin has a unique teaching blend of taking classical voice training and giving you contemporary application. As a worship leader, I wasn’t looking to sing Italian Arias I wanted to be able to sing modern worship songs well and to sing them well for a long time. One of Justin’s best teaching attributes is his attention to the little things; enunciation, tone, pitch, etc... Starting with the little things, and building around that base has made me a much better vocalist, a vocalist that will be able to sing for a long time. Whether it’s live on stage or recording in a studio, the lessons I learned from Justin ring loud and clear in my mind every time I step to the microphone. I highly recommend Justin as a vocal teacher from beginner to advanced!” 

- Matthan Hillberg


"I took lessons from Justin for 6 months and believe my ability to have improved a tremendous amount in that time. Justin didn't just teach me to sing songs, he taught about vocal anatomy, the importance of taking care of my vocal chords, music theory and leading worship (to name only a few). He brings all of his students back to the basics so that he can teach them the correct way to breathe and sing from the beginning. To this day, I still think back to the exercises we did to correct myself. I have never learned and laughed so much in music lessons as I did with Justin, he is a phenomenal teacher and friend. I highly recommend him!"
- Brittany Franklin